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Our support helps a Pentecostal Church, Biserica Buna Vistere (The Good News Church) in Constanta to reach out into the community. It meets each Sunday in the Cultural Hall in the centre of Constanta. Its Pastor is Traian Pascalau and its members cover a wide age range and come from all social backgrounds including street children.

Heart to Heart is an initiative started by the Pastors wife, Elena, to provide for the elderly, some of whom live on the streets. A day centre has been established in rented accommodation and is currently open Monday to Wednesday each week. Visitors are offered a shower and change of clothing, hot drinks and a mid-day meal. Many are respectable people who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. The love and companionship that they receive helps to keep them going.

During our 2006 visit we were impressed by the work of Mihaela, a newly qualified social worker. The project could not afford to pay her a living wage and she was looking for other work. On our return to the UK several members of Community Church Killingworth offered to help support Mihaela which has enabled us to make a major contribution to her wage. Mihaela talks to those who visit the day centre and deals with their needs. For many this means establishing their identity with the authorities, enabling them to receive the benefits and pensions to which they are entitled. With these, they can afford to rent a room and get off the streets. Mihaela was married to Iulian Vazoc in July 2008.

The Trust also helps to pay the wages for one of the other workers, Mitica Badau.
Together with Mihaela, Mitica visits the housebound, taking medicines and food and giving practical help where needed.

As you can read in their latest newsletter the need is great and the extent of this work is limited only by the funds available to them.


The Old City, Constanta, Romania
Biserica Buna Vistere (The Good News Church) is also reaching out into the Old City area of Constanta. Many of the people being helped are Muslim but God’s love knows no boundaries. The attempt to help in the Old City began in 2006 and has proven difficult with the usual obstacles of finance, having somewhere to meet and finding the right person to lead the work. Finance is still a problem but gradual progress has been made.

In 2007 Matthew and Estera Duru began meeting and visiting families in the area and in the summer of 2008 they were joined by Lorraine Thomas and started a weekly Kids Club. During that summer the club was held in the streets as no rooms were available and then in the winter one of the families in the area let them use their room In the summer of 2009 it was back onto the streets until October when their prayers were answered and they were able to rent two rooms, the rent being paid by Lorraine’s home church United Life in Sutton, UK. The Tuesday night meetings attract 20-30 children of all ages, some Muslim, many from gypsy families. Most of the families live in one room with no running water. Some of the parents bring the children to the club and then stay to join in the fun!

A desperate need in the area is for a Homework Club. The parents were so thrilled when this was first proposed that 18 children were signed up straight away. Most of the children live in one-roomed accommodation and so do not have a quiet area in which to work. Many also live with single parents or grandparents who do not read or write themselves and so cannot help the children to learn. It was hoped to start this in September 2010 but this was not possible. The main needs are for volunteers to run the scheme and finance being available to give the children something to eat and drink as they will be coming straight from school. Other needs are 10 more chairs and when possible, a white board and school books. The Trust has been offered 4 computers which we will send when we know that the scheme is up and running.

A Friday Night Turkish Church / Youth Outreach started by Matthew and Estera in 2007 is now held in the Old City rooms and a Women’s Group, which is helping to build a relationship with the parents and to introduce them to the Gospel, has also begun meeting.

Read the latest news from the Old City here.

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