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Geoff and Pauline Williams head up GAP Ministries from their home in Sheffield which is an open house for visiting missionaries, whether they are at home or not! It was the Williams’ who introduced us to the Ramble’s in India. Now past retirement age, they still travel the world encouraging individuals and churches on all continents. They do not have a website but can be contacted at

Dave and Rosemary Playle are currently based in Sheffield where they have been helping to establish a new church. Another couple in their retirement years who just keep on going. In fact, since they ‘retired’ God has sent them to new places including Malawi and Russia! Our original connections in Romania were made through the Playle’s and they were there to help us when we made our first visit in 1998. They also channel our financial support to our partners in Romania through their ministry New Life Missions. Contact them at for further information.

Dondie and Chrissie Perillo have been working in the Philippines for several years now, establishing a church, children’s homes, a prison ministry and lots more. Find out more at and see their latest newsletter here.

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Geoff and Pauline Williams


Dave & Rosemary Playle

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